The Palmerton Area Library is offering a new service that is available to all of its patrons who have access to the Internet. Available now, are downloadable Audiobooks and eBooks. Please see the information below, as to how to access this new service and how to check-out and download audiobooks and eBooks.

What are Downloadable Audiobooks?

Downloadable Audiobooks from NetLibrary and Recorded Books are digital versions of audiobooks that are available through the Internet. Audiobooks can be played on any desktop or portable device supporting Windows Media Player version 9.0 and above. You can also transfer your favorite titles to a wide range of portable devices, including portable music players, portable media centers, Pocket PCs, and even select smartphone devices.

How do I access the eContent from NetLibrary?

If this is the first time that you are accessing the eContent (Downloadable Audiobooks and eBooks) available through NetLibrary, you must first click on the Power Library button. 


Click the logo above to go to Power Library. Enter PL6162 and 1234 with no spaces in between the two. Once on the Power Library site, under the Find A Book section you will see a link to the netLibrary site. Click on that link and once on the NetLibrary site, you will see a link at the top right corner called Create a Free Account. Click on this link. Follow the on-screen instructions, and create a new account, choosing your own user name and password.

Logging In after Creating New Account

Once you have your own user name and password, you can access at any time the eContent found at
www.NetLibrary.org by going to the website and logging in using your user name and password. You can do this from any computer with Internet access.

1.  Go to www.netlibrary.org and enter your user name and password in the log in box.
2.  Click on the red log in button.
3.  You now have access to all audiobooks and ebooks available in your library's collection.

The two logos found at the bottom of this page will also take you directly to the NetLibrary website, by clicking on them!

Searching for an Audiobook

Basic Search on the NetLibrary home page (www.netlibrary.org) lets you quickly perform a search by entering terms and selecting a single search field. You may choose to search for your terms in the Keyword, Title, or Author fields. Basic search is prominently featured on the home page and is also available on the right side of every page with the exception of the advanced search page.

1.  Enter search term in the Basic Search field
2.  Select keyword, title, or author.
3.  Click search.

Advanced Search lets you construct more complicated searches using multiple fields and boolean operators (such as AND, OR).

1.  Click on the Advanced Search tab located in the top navigation.
2.  Use the drop down menu to select search parameter (Title, Author, subject, ISBN).
3.  Enter search term or multiple search terms using Boolean operators (such as AND, OR).
4.  Click search.

The eBook Center, available by clicking on the eBook Center link on the NetLibrary home page, allows you to limit searches to audiobook content and browse featured titles.

Checking Out an Audiobook

The default checkout period for a Downloadable Audiobook is three weeks. You may check out a maximum of six audiobook titles at one time. Please do not download audiobooks to public computers in your library.

1.  From search results, click on the Download this Audiobook link to Open or Save the audiobook file.
2.  Select a download option: CD quality, or radio quality. Radio quality provides faster download speed and is ideal for users with dial-up
     connections; CD quality offers high-fidelity playback for patrons with high-speed Internet access.
3.  If you select Open, NetLibrary will download the title and launch your media player. Click the play button to listen to the Audiobook. The
    Save option allows you to download the file to a directory of your choosing. Once the download is complete, you can open the audiobook
    directly from your media player, or by using Windows Explorer.
4.  If you have problems listening to your audiobook, please call 1-800-848-5800 option #7 for technical support.  Do not call the library.

Renewing an Audiobook

Once an audiobook has been downloaded, it can be renewed at any time.

1.  Go to www.netlibrary.org and enter your user name and password in the log in box.
2.  Click on the My checked out Items link.
3.  Click on Renew this Audiobook.

If you are attempting to access an audiobook with an expired license from your media player, NetLibrary will launch a pop-up browser that will prompt you to log in to renew your checkout.

1.  Enter your user name and password.
2.  Click the log in button.
3.  Your license will automatically be renewed.
4.  Click play to listen to the audiobook.

Transferring an Audiobook to a Portable Device

You can use your media player to transfer a downloaded audiobook to portable devices supporting secure WMA format. NetLibrary automatically transfers a license to your portable device that will allow you to access the audiobook for up to three weeks from the date of original checkout. Please refer to your media player's help section for additional information.

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